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 From the onset, Pepz's dedication to student outcomes is very commendable. Pepz doesn't just coach; he genuinely invests himself in every student's success, consistently going above and beyond to ensure that the placements help learners to fulfill their long term goals. 

Nitti Mohan, Career Services Manager


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Lead Coach & CEO of 
Pep Talk with Pepz

Entertainer and Life/Career coach was once in the shoes of his clients.  From struggling, broke, unhappy, unconfident, and unfulfilled…Pepz left his six-figure Human Resources Career (New York University, Oaktree Capital Management, AppleOne, etc.) in 2019 and has never looked back.


As an entertainer Pepz’s credits include Post Malone, Diplo, FOX’s Flirty Dancing, Megan thee Stallion, Paulina Rubio, Nervo, Carvana, Smirnoff, David LaChapelle, Obvious Magazine, and so many more. As a coach Pepz has conducted over 1000 individual coaching sessions, trained corporate clients (Springboard, PPL Electric, IMarkets Live), and has been featured numerous times in major media publications (Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, USA Wire, Buzzfeed, etc.)

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